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“It's the most beautiful ugly sound in the world.”

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    January 6th at 10:49am
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    This week just got very, *very* exciting. #newreleases @roseelinor

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    January 4th at 10:53am
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    Hmm, following this morning's arrival I may need to clear my schedule for a bit… #wandelweiser

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    December 31st at 1:31pm
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    A nice unexpected arrival on the final day of the year. Many thanks Neu Records! looking forward to listening :)

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    October 4th at 2:07am
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    Almost but not quite entirely unlike acousmatic wine.

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    September 10th at 5:47pm
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    Now available! Stream excerpts:

    buy download:


    3 months ago
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  • 5against4

    September 8th at 10:20am

    And to think we were hoping for a cloud-free sky…

  • 5against4

    September 8th at 10:19am

    Dramatic skies yesterday evening on the Atlantic coast

  • 5against4

    August 25th at 12:48pm

    Some tasty new arrivals at 5:4 HQ… @bastillemusique @neosrecords #newreleases

  • 5against4

    August 10th at 9:05pm
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    Coming very soon… #TheStudies


    6 months ago
    Looking forward to them nonetheless!


    6 months ago
    Sorry Dan, electronic!


    6 months ago
    Are these for piano, he asked hopefully ?!
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  • 5against4

    May 28th at 12:15pm

    Honestly never thought this soundtrack would ever see light of day - now available in pristine digital quality 😆🎶🎉 @LaLaLandRecords

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