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    October 27th at 5:18pm
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    Angry mouse #dog #play #jackrussel #jackshund

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    August 7th at 9:35pm
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    Dog and field in #perfect harmony #summer #clarendon

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    August 7th at 9:33pm
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    #lol #dog #nofilter

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    July 8th at 10:36am
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    I'm in London today, and despite what the UK's confederacy of Chicken Littles might think or say, the sky isn't falling in - at least it wasn't the last time I looked up.

    Instead, what I am seeing is people of all flavours (Baskin & Robbins eat your hearts out) going about their business, going to work and generally getting on with things.

    Okay, maybe the picture outside your window says something different but, I'm willing to bet whatever you are seeing, there's a big difference to the picture you'll see in your morning newspaper, online, on the air and on tv.

    Whatever the headlines say, wherever you are in the UK, I could be wrong but I reckon most of us face the same choice... Believe what we're told or believe our own eyes.

    It's not always easy but I know which one I will always prefer, and always fight to believe.

    #London #hefe #loveabitofhefe

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    January 21st at 7:02pm
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    Mesmerised #kelvin #dogs #fire #woodburningstove

    3 years ago
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    January 21st at 12:35am
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    Detail from If Dogs Run Free, illustrated by Scott Campbell

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    January 21st at 12:28am
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    The first #vw #harlequin #beetle perhaps?

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    December 17th at 7:04pm
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    Nigeria's favourite beer. Let's see what you've got! ;-)

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    October 4th at 1:26pm
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  • _paul

    October 1st at 5:15pm
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    ...and to round it off, my 3rd! All of which says to me there must be quite a lot of them around these days.

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