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The queen of nothing.

  • aannpp

    March 15th at 10:31am
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    Everyday words seem to turn into love song. #LaVieEnRose

  • aannpp

    March 2nd at 1:49pm
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    Sea of love #CatPower

  • aannpp

    February 24th at 10:18am

    My sister from another mother.
    Blueberry. Roughly. Thoroughly. ~

  • aannpp

    February 3rd at 2:27pm
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    My favorite Viet food.

  • aannpp

    February 1st at 2:09pm

    Beer and chicken feet.

  • aannpp

    February 1st at 6:13am

    Happy to come back here again and again.

  • aannpp

    January 31st at 1:08pm

    Can't get enough of this place.

  • aannpp

    January 31st at 2:05am

    Mom said #xinchao


    25 days ago
    Love this! Do follow us back :)
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  • aannpp

    January 30th at 3:07pm

    เวียดนามวันแรก ยังไม่โดนหลอก
    เอ๊ะ หรือโดนแล้ว แต่ไม่รู้ตัว


    2 months ago


    2 months ago
    คนไหนมึง? หน้าเหมือนเด๊ะ
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  • aannpp

    January 28th at 6:04pm
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