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  • adamadam

    October 9th at 8:27am

    It was a good day


    7 days ago
    Brilliant one


    8 days ago
    duuude! 🔥 🔥


    10 days ago
    Amen. 🙏


    11 days ago
    Check our instagram, I think you will love what we got 😉
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  • adamadam

    July 16th at 7:45pm

    Next levels


    3 months ago
    Mang! I love you brother!! It's next level! You're next level!
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  • adamadam

    June 24th at 7:48pm
    24 1

    Right now, due the the brutality of ISIS, the city of #‎Fallujah is HELL ON EARTH. 86,000 women & children—elderly & crippled—are on the run from #‎ISIS. It's 122°F and water is running out. Families are fleeing the violence of the city and are stranded in the desert.
    The Preemptive Love Coalition is the only organization (that we’re aware of) that’s providing aide right now. They are doing incredible work, but they currently don’t have enough food, water, and shelter to meet the needs of thousands of people who keep fleeing to the desert.
    Unless we pray, Iraq is hopeless. Unless we give, sweet families is the desert have tasted their last meal.
    We want to challenge our friends to do four things:
    1. Set up a tent in your backyard, or in a room of your house,  as a physical reminder to pray for Iraq. If you don’t have a tent, make a pillow fort. Commit to sitting in the tent each day and praying for Iraq.
    2. Make a donation to the Preemptive Love Coalition. $35 can help feed a family of six for two weeks. Donate here:
    3. Take a picture of yourself next to the tent. Then share the picture on social media along with words from this post. Copy this post and directly paste it as your status update.
    4) Tag several friends whom you believe will pray for Iraq.
    If you are angry about the evil of ISIS, this is something tangible you can do to subvert their intentions and promote flourishing in Iraq. Please join us in praying for Iraq each day, and sacrificially giving to our Iraqi neighbors who are stranded in the desert.
    #tents4iraq #preemptivelove


    4 months ago
    Thank you so much for leaning into love @adamadam!
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  • adamadam

    June 15th at 4:15am
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    So proud of my swimmer ❤️


    4 months ago


    4 months ago
    Glad you guys got her into some lessons!
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  • adamadam

    March 31st at 11:17pm
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    Buggy birthday party project time

  • adamadam

    March 19th at 3:08am
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    They gotta start somewhere... 133mhz

  • adamadam

    March 15th at 11:47pm

    Stuck in TSA line for an hour!!! (Hence IG postings) can't miss this flight!!


    7 months ago
    ATX 💙
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  • adamadam

    March 15th at 11:46pm

    Well hello there

  • adamadam

    March 15th at 11:45pm


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