Adam. @admhnts

ran up the stairs in a heartbeat

  • admhnts

    October 22nd at 3:51pm

    926 β€’ greyscale πŸ“½ to reduce the redness. Shout out to @olliewallacetattooist for covering about a third of my arm. See you in January bud. @blackfriarstattoohouse


    2 hours ago
    @davidanthonymccourt recognise that tshirt fella?
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  • admhnts

    October 22nd at 12:29pm
    23 0

    925 β€’ morning

  • admhnts

    October 18th at 2:47pm
    25 0

    924 β€’ throwback to the time holly thought she was a bouncer & wouldn't let me in the living room.

  • admhnts

    October 16th at 6:01pm

    923 β€’ there's your squad goals. Men on point for Scott's wedding a couple months back. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ*scottish flag emoji*

  • admhnts

    October 16th at 1:48pm
    14 0

    922 β€’ you wish you had bed head like this. And a lampshade that camp.

  • admhnts

    October 15th at 2:38pm
    5 0

    921 β€’ me irl

  • admhnts

    October 15th at 10:35am
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    920 β€’ add me n shit πŸ‘»

  • admhnts

    October 14th at 8:12pm
    5 1

    919 β€’ jamz. Had Cody by Joyce Manor on for most of the week. Only 24 minutes long but it's sick af


    8 days ago
    Great record!
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  • admhnts

    October 9th at 1:37pm
    22 2

    917 β€’ moves. Craig & I just moved from west of the west end to south of the south side. Been a long few days with no internet & basically two flats to clean, but I'm taking a minute to enjoy this view from our living room. ✌🏼️


    13 days ago
    Where in the south side did you move to? @admhnts miss your face in Debenhams!


    13 days ago
    😿😿 I'm unhappy about this! You might as well have moved to Paisley
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