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I like to make websites and listen to metal.

  • ahmadvaroqua

    February 28th at 8:04pm
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    When I was a kid, my mom bought me a cool little motorcycle toy that I took with me everywhere. When I saw this in the toy store the other day, I just had to get it. #traditions

  • ahmadvaroqua

    February 9th at 6:52pm
    10 4

    Breakfast. #coffee


    2 years ago
    Look familiar @q_world? 😃


    2 years ago
    That cup! Ahhh :)


    2 years ago
    LOL, you know it @emanvar!


    2 years ago
    Breakfast of champions in a badass mug :)
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  • ahmadvaroqua

    November 10th at 2:24am
    9 0

    I remember reading articles in the paper when I was a kid about people getting killed trying to cross the wall. Back then, it was a place I never thought I would be able to see. Glad I was able to visit this past summer. #berlinwall

  • ahmadvaroqua

    June 18th at 8:16am
    10 0

    I was going to work tonight but instead my buddy invited me to a #rarewhiskey tasting at #plumpjack.

  • ahmadvaroqua

    June 16th at 12:47am
    13 0

    Happy Father's Day to my always stylin' old man. #pops

  • ahmadvaroqua

    May 15th at 9:28am
    5 0

    #Sutro Tower at night. Unseasonably warm and clear night in SF.

  • ahmadvaroqua

    May 11th at 9:33pm
    14 0

    Happy Mother's Day to my awesome Mom! Analog selfie on film from the #90s.

  • ahmadvaroqua

    April 18th at 7:39am
    7 0

    At the #qotsa show with @jo_drummer.

  • ahmadvaroqua

    April 7th at 7:24pm
    11 0

    Objets d'art by my twin Muncho nieces. #toddler #art

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