Alex Albrecht @alexalbrecht_

25. Columbus, OH.

  • alexalbrecht_

    February 22nd at 4:32am
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    the japanese house

  • alexalbrecht_

    February 21st at 2:29pm

    don't go, jason waterfalls


    2 days ago
    I am wanting to spend a couple of weeks touring Ohio. I will definitely have to add this to my list of places to visit.
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  • alexalbrecht_

    February 20th at 7:43pm

    went to Hock for hike.


    3 days ago
    come hiking hereeee
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  • alexalbrecht_

    February 11th at 2:44pm
    84 3

    Happy Birthday to my love. You make me the happiest person, and give me the happiest days. You're a beautiful person and I can't wait to celebrate. I hope everyone shows you all the love you deserve, babe.


    4 days ago
    Super nice :)


    8 days ago


    12 days ago
    Thank you so much hon ❤
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  • alexalbrecht_

    February 5th at 10:55pm
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    close enough.

  • alexalbrecht_

    January 24th at 10:23pm
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    Ho Hum.


    21 days ago
    selfieriffic 💥
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  • alexalbrecht_

    January 7th at 7:01pm
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    Mood. #dogs #sleepypup

  • alexalbrecht_

    December 31st at 9:45pm
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    2016 was a year for lots of changes, which was cool. Thankful for another year and going to make 2017 an even better 9 pictures.


    2 months ago
    That one girl is in a LOT of these pics.


    2 months ago
    Top doc tho
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  • alexalbrecht_

    December 31st at 3:34am
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    Held court tonight at the lanes. Business as usual.

  • alexalbrecht_

    December 20th at 2:22am
    31 2

    I tell you what 2016, you nailed the music side of things.


    2 months ago
    Ugh I'm trying so hard with the new bon iver


    2 months ago
    We listen to that Norma Jean album constantly. So good.
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