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    November 30th at 11:10am
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    Just finished stick control in an unheated shed. After 50 minutes at -9°C, my hands were just flailing about.

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    October 18th at 7:48pm
    7 1

    Practicing the Moeller Whip Tap thing that Jojo Mayer is a legend at.


    1 month ago
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    October 7th at 10:55pm
    9 1

    Time on my practice pad this week. Would be great to add 26 hours on a drum kit to this stat! #drumming


    2 months ago
    looking good
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    September 2nd at 6:07pm
    3 0

    Learning Sibelius by converting old drum books to digital. #drumming #drums #sibelius

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    August 12th at 6:27pm
    5 0

    Analyse your form with slo-mo mode.

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    April 23rd at 8:44pm

    Having dinner across the road from Jane Austin's house.

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    February 24th at 8:57pm
    11 1

    There are some really great photo to illustration converters out there.


    9 months ago
    I could definitely see this in a photography exhibition. Nice shot
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    December 1st at 6:22pm
    9 0

    Doing some research for a genuine bean counting competition... :)

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    October 19th at 5:00pm
    3 2

    Can't seem to put this book down.


    6 months ago
    Yes, although at times it felt a little too abbreviated.


    6 months ago
    This is a great book
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    July 4th at 6:58pm
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    It's been another beautiful day!

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