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    February 16th at 11:08am

    Valentine's Day bloom that came in a bloom box from #thebloomboxsg.
    Love that is super convenient to carry it around with the handle from the box. 💐/📷: @lionelredfield9

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    February 14th at 11:28am

    Love is just like the wind.
    You can't see it but you can feel it.
    -Nicholas Spark

    Thanks for promising to be my forever after Valentine.
    #allylionel 📷: @photographerinparis 📍: #pontdesarts

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    February 14th at 6:30am

    This year's Valentine's Day gift before it was being packaged in frames.
    Thanks @cloudhedd for the portraits :)


    7 days ago
    Yay cool video! I had fun drawing them, esp the Vader one ;) hope your Valentines love them too!💖
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    February 12th at 7:41am

    BAKE chocolate cheese tart anyone?
    Thanks to @lionelredfield9, I've got to try it.
    Verdict? Nice in its unique way, yet ain't cheesy enough in its cheese way.
    #bakecheesetartsg #allynnteo👟 📷: @lionelredfield9

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    February 5th at 3:20pm
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    Coincidental twinning in culottes and sandals.
    #overlyattached #eileen➰allynn #latergram


    21 days ago


    23 days ago
    💚 pretty us!!
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    February 4th at 6:41am
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    While everyone is looking forward to seeing or meeting their favourite soccer player.
    Here I am meeting my favourite Fred the red.
    And it seems like we are Liang Xi Mei, cos we are wearing the same clothes over the years.
    #allylionelwanderlust #昱翰与桂清欧洲之旅2


    24 days ago
    United are the team for me
    With A knick knack paddy whack give adog a bone
    Why dont City **** off home


    24 days ago
    The left side mascot tummy bigger!
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    January 28th at 1:08pm
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    Oh hi there!

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    January 23rd at 6:37am
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    Past weekend, we took another major step in our wedding planning by booking our venue.
    One item off the list, but a whole lot of others to do.


    1 month ago
    @allynnteo nice! Anyway congratulations!


    1 month ago
    Love the deets on your sneaks 😍
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  • allynnteo

    December 31st at 3:20pm
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    As we turn our back and bid farewell to 2016 in a few moment time. Allow me to take this moment to reflect.
    I'm thankful that I've the opportunity to go on different wanderlust adventures with my friends, colleagues and most importantly my family.
    I'm also thankful that everyone around me is still there for me and ever supportive.
    Thanks to all my love ones that went through 2016 with me, cheers to 2017 with more adventure, fun and joy.
    One thing with gazing too frequently into the past
    Is that we may turn around to find the future has run out of us.
    Hence tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
    Write a good one.
    Happy new year everyone.

    Allynn Teo


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    2 months ago
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  • allynnteo

    December 26th at 1:14pm
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    This is how I celebrated my Christmas.
    Yearly affair with #upthere and a staycation with family.


    2 months ago
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