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    January 20th at 7:19pm
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    This kid has the most expressive face. I can't count the times I've been looking through photos as the baby slept beside me and nearly woke her by suddenly laughing at one of Omi's crazy faces. 🙃

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    January 19th at 10:13pm
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    Always playing, but also always taking care of his baby ❤️

  • amadimage

    January 18th at 11:50pm
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    Happiest baby in the whole world

  • amadimage

    January 18th at 11:21pm
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    Jude reminds me every time we leave the house to take this picture. He's very intrigued by the idea of a time-lapse that shows him growing. On the flip side, he's pretty upset he's still in 4/5 clothes and I have to remind him that not all growth can be measured in inches. ❤️😊


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    2 days ago
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  • amadimage

    January 12th at 9:32pm
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    After a very pukey Christmas and a snotty New Year, we're all very happy to be outside again. And Esther is officially a toddler, who toddles right along. (Until she falls splat in the mucky mud that's all we have left of our one snow a year.)

  • amadimage

    December 24th at 2:01am
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    Say prayers for this sweet, sick baby. ❤️


    28 days ago
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  • amadimage

    December 15th at 6:51pm
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    Hard work taking care of all the babies around here. :)


    1 month ago
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  • amadimage

    December 15th at 6:49pm
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    Two babies, one tube of Butt Paste. 😂

  • amadimage

    December 11th at 2:58am
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    I got to take my little girl on a date today. It's so hard to find time one-on-one with them when there are three littles to take care of, but when you do find that time they talk and talk as if there's no tomorrow. I hope that's always true for us, and there never comes a time when they stop talking to me so freely.

  • amadimage

    December 5th at 2:52am
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    My love.


    1 month ago
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