Kristen Anast @anast24

  • anast24

    May 28th at 7:33pm
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    The roaster sammy,and a garden blast juice! Absolutely excellent. So nice to finally have good, local, fresh food just down the street. @naturesbestcafe

  • anast24

    April 17th at 11:45pm
    8 1

    Went golfing near Schaumburg... Ended up at Finn McCool's!


    9 months ago
    Never been there
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  • anast24

    April 10th at 5:22am
    3 1

    So much fun!


    10 months ago
    Another classic get together...the best!
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  • anast24

    April 19th at 12:07am
    13 1

    Now this was an interesting thrift store find!


    2 years ago
    The ending is a real plot twist.
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  • anast24

    April 18th at 6:42pm
    10 1



    2 years ago
    Wow no lie looks like A Hollywood actress 👍👍
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  • anast24

    April 18th at 6:38pm
    3 0

    I need this chair immediately!

  • anast24

    February 2nd at 5:17am
    7 0

    Love seeing this man so excited! @anast45 @afonsecagolf

  • anast24

    September 21st at 9:30pm
    11 0

    Golfing with the hubbs!

  • anast24

    August 28th at 2:18am
    2 0

    Gibson's compromising positions?

  • anast24

    August 24th at 3:10am
    5 0

    Doggy walkin' sunset!

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