Anifan @anifan

  • anifan

    April 20th at 6:36pm
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    Somebody at the Herald-Dispatch was being cute.

  • anifan

    November 17th at 6:18am
    16 0

    Every conversation with my mother.

  • anifan

    November 7th at 6:04am
    4 1

    Fuck you too Snapchat. ಠ_ಠ


    1 year ago
    I snap you all of the time bitch
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  • anifan

    August 22nd at 7:55am
    8 0

    Well that was fun. #Windows10

  • anifan

    July 30th at 9:50pm
    4 0


  • anifan

    April 25th at 8:23am

    This is macaroni and cheese. Fried. In a sandwich.

  • anifan

    March 18th at 5:52am
    4 0

    Greened beer of choice this year. #jackieos #hopryot

  • anifan

    February 28th at 4:54am
  • anifan

    February 26th at 6:23pm
    5 0

    Before/After. Clean your portafilters. #espresso

  • anifan

    February 14th at 4:33pm
    8 1

    Best coworker ever got me heart-shaped breakfast ❤️ @amestor


    2 years ago
    True love right there 😍😘💋💕
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