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I have a lot of words to use but they somehow never make a good bio.

  • arjunasoriano

    February 28th at 2:46am
    17 1

    LA living is aight


    25 days ago
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  • arjunasoriano

    February 4th at 1:15am
    6 1


    2 months ago
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  • arjunasoriano

    January 22nd at 5:10am
    6 0

    What is with this pizza box? It is all over the place but what is with the second guys' face? Did the illustrator run out of time?

  • arjunasoriano

    January 19th at 2:40am
    13 0

    Just passed 300,000 miles! Imagine me jumping in the air saying, "I love it."

  • arjunasoriano

    December 24th at 9:45am
    12 0

    My sunroof in LA right now

  • arjunasoriano

    March 11th at 9:50pm
    9 0

    I mean, yeah, you got some extra square footage, but this thing is a monstrosity.

  • arjunasoriano

    November 23rd at 5:49am
    6 0


  • arjunasoriano

    November 23rd at 5:48am
    7 0

    Almost done.

  • arjunasoriano

    November 23rd at 5:47am
    4 0

    Defeathering the bird.

  • arjunasoriano

    November 23rd at 5:46am
    3 0

    Very humanely cutting the jugular, the chicken hardly fussed.

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