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  • arnaldo42

    January 2nd at 7:51pm

    Because this is the face you want staring at you when you're taking a leak...


    12 days ago
    Digging the pictures! Do you have a Snapchat?
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  • arnaldo42

    December 19th at 10:20pm

    Co-worker went in for the kill with this sweet Firewatch art for Christmas. Thanks, Brian!

  • arnaldo42

    November 8th at 6:41pm
    15 1

    Decisions are made by those who show up. Go vote!


    1 month ago
    Awesome as always!
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  • arnaldo42

    September 24th at 7:48pm
    11 0

    Next up:

  • arnaldo42

    September 24th at 7:46pm
    8 1

    This book is really good, guys. I'm hooked on Chandler's work.


    4 months ago
    So good.
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  • arnaldo42

    August 17th at 10:12pm
    10 1

    This is easily the weirdest spelling of my name. I cracked up.


    5 months ago
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  • arnaldo42

    June 16th at 11:15pm
    17 0

    This is what it has come to: people dressed as Doritos being shot at by people presumably drinking Mountain Dew. #VideoGames

  • arnaldo42

    May 21st at 12:33am

    Drake was showing me his drawing skillz.

  • arnaldo42

    May 21st at 12:18am

    Spotted Crash and the gang at Puerto Rico Comic Con!

  • arnaldo42

    May 18th at 9:11pm

    The one where I had drinks with Jack Sparrow, my mom, and one of the heirs to Bacardí.

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