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🍔Tina Belcher is my spirit animal🍔

  • art_hurl

    October 23rd at 12:59am

    It's been a while since I've posted a picture so why not a selfie? Getting ready for Halloween and can't wait to get dressed up. Made a face mold today. It's the first step I have to take in order to make my own mask!


    4 days ago
    Not fair that you get the hairy chest


    4 days ago
    @lilschibs I'm not going to reveal it quite yet but it's going to be pretty fun... If everything works out. I'll post more pics as I continue


    4 days ago
    Who ya gonna be
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  • art_hurl

    May 22nd at 3:35am
    28 0

    It's Caturday and I love this little turd. #caturday

  • art_hurl

    May 21st at 4:11am
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  • art_hurl

    December 20th at 1:54am
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    Never mind the beer. This is possibly my favorite shot I've taken of Saffycat. The hue lights did well here. #caturday #avatarcat

  • art_hurl

    December 20th at 1:22am
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    Getting creeped on at the bar. Shady little beer.


    10 months ago
    Looks like Casper! Haha 👻
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  • art_hurl

    December 13th at 3:29am
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    @nvz and I are gearing up to have a very meow-y Christmas. Fritz is in full spirits #caturday #meowychristmas

  • art_hurl

    October 31st at 8:55pm
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    Happy Halloween! #halloween #spooky #thepumpkinking

  • art_hurl

    October 15th at 4:49am
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    16 more days! Happy that Halloween falls on a weekend this year! #halloween #mrbones #spooky

  • art_hurl

    October 12th at 4:30am
    23 2

    @nvz and I hiked up to the Sierra Butte's Fire lookout tower today. Awesome views from all the way up there! #sierrabuttes #sierranevadas


    1 year ago
    👆🏼Sounds about right!


    1 year ago
    Hmm, I think there was more complaining than hiking. 😜
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