Belinda Ward @artistbelinda

  • artistbelinda

    August 18th at 10:38am

    Pre-concert treat dinner :3 she's so excited!! Rehearsed her dances for Glitch in the backyard a bunch of times lol

  • artistbelinda

    July 29th at 2:55am
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    Book week dress up day :) The very hungry caterpillar ^_^

  • artistbelinda

    July 16th at 6:27am
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    Such a gorgeous day today :) went to the market and found many Pokemon, plus a minecraft spider! ^_^

  • artistbelinda

    July 5th at 4:32am
  • artistbelinda

    July 5th at 3:06am

    Waited patiently for the strawberry jumping castle to go up, then she was the first on lol

  • artistbelinda

    July 3rd at 6:56am
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    In a world of her own, playing Super Mario Maker while Glitch rests next to her 🐱💜

  • artistbelinda

    July 8th at 4:39am
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    Got a taxi to Melbourne. Haha, so glad vline is paying for it, holy crap.


    4 years ago
    God our transit would just say "F u and because we suck, we're raising our prices again" lol
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  • artistbelinda

    July 8th at 2:54am
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    Also someone is VERY happy with yesterday's comicon find :)

  • artistbelinda

    July 8th at 2:47am
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    Always funny to see how she dresses herself ... snow boots and 'pretty princess dresses' lol obvious match!

  • artistbelinda

    July 7th at 1:47am
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    Shameless-selfie-Sunday amirite? :p

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