Brian Kennedy @azkennedy

Just killing time and making noise...

  • azkennedy

    December 19th at 6:29am
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    Final Instagram post. See you on FB or Flickr... #deleted


    4 years ago
    I know wobot but at least FB has better terms for now, and FB and Flikr both offer better privacy options too.


    4 years ago
    You know Instagram is a Facebook property right? There's no where to hide.


    4 years ago
    What happened to intellectual property? Does this mean if I play a song I wrote in a bar, the bar can sell my song to an advertiser?
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  • azkennedy

    January 27th at 4:17pm
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    Fun with Windows!

  • azkennedy

    December 31st at 6:13am
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    MS Sucks...

  • azkennedy

    November 6th at 12:49am
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    It's Beer:30!!!