Another year
Well if he is able to get into the nba it will make him better fast playing against opponents that good
Another year
Wow...just posing this questions makes me think that any nationally ranked high school hooper who people think can go pro should say fuck the ncaa and just go over sees...oh you not ready after 1 yr do 2 or 3 and get paid the whole time
two years more
and what are his assists looking like?
Im mad yall mentioned .7 steals, yall being petty or did yall really think that was note worthy?
Another year lol
He not ready 💩
Another year
Another year he need a dub or better average
Put him in the lakers
Hell na
Better numbers than most euro players coming in the draft!
Nahh 2 more years
stay w melo
Stay 1 more year
I don’t know he might steal from a Gucci store
??? 🤔 2 or 3 ????
Nother yr in Lithuania
Play another year
He is probably the best player out of the whole ball fam and he is ready for the @nba
Work on them rebounds then yeah
Damn stats like that... he’s really STOLE the spotlight over there
not yet
@jazztrieg__ shut ya dumbass up
1 more year
3 or more years
Another year in lithuania
Nah he need another year
He’s playing 23 minutes in comparison to the nba standard 34 minutes— for starters. I think he is ready to join the nba. It’s better to learn on the job against the best competition.
He needs another year to come up from them rookie numbers
Stay another year