Brian Baldwin @bcbaldwin

Few burgers, few beers, couple of laughs...

  • bcbaldwin

    March 22nd at 6:43am
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    Bedtime reading sesh.

  • bcbaldwin

    March 18th at 11:09pm
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    If you're happy and you know it clap your hands...and miss...but whatever at you tried. Plus the look on your face should be the indicator you were happy, not applause.


    5 days ago
    Oh! Those pony tails! Like adding exclamation points!
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  • bcbaldwin

    March 15th at 12:41am
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    Saw this today, and thought it looked amazing. -- Aaron Marcus, Symbolic Construction, 1971-72

  • bcbaldwin

    March 12th at 5:57am
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    Sometimes eating outside is a blessing. Sometimes it's just good for an Instagram photo.

  • bcbaldwin

    March 10th at 6:08pm
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    Sometimes waking up early is a blessing. Sometimes it's only good for an Instagram photo.

  • bcbaldwin

    March 9th at 2:37am
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    Happy International Women's Day to everybody, but especially to these two.

  • bcbaldwin

    March 8th at 11:49pm
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    15 days ago
    Oh I know @shawnis43 will like this shot. #MoreGreatArchitecture
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  • bcbaldwin

    March 5th at 6:40pm
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  • bcbaldwin

    March 2nd at 6:43am
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    22 days ago
    Shoegazin 🕶
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  • bcbaldwin

    February 22nd at 12:37am
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