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    October 19th at 8:38pm
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    #boxer #boxergram

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    October 19th at 8:35pm
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    Walking buddy. #boxergram #boxer

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    October 19th at 8:32pm
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    October 16th at 3:40am
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    Pa Ellis dispensing wisdom.

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    October 16th at 3:32am
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    My evening.

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    October 8th at 6:54pm
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    My love. @phishstix4

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    October 2nd at 7:13pm

    Are you ready to invest $10,000 in a great franchise opportunity.


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  • beejer

    October 2nd at 6:05pm

    Doing a show today in Newark. Woot.

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    September 26th at 3:01am
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    DeCider - Presidential Peanut Butter Cider. Should be interesting.

  • beejer

    September 25th at 3:02am
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    And done. Apparently.... The Cliffs of Moher.

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