Michal Bencur @benko

RC Helicopters

  • benko

    February 19th at 7:47pm
    35 0

    Did three tanks with Synergy N7 today. Way too windy to have fun. #rcheli

  • benko

    February 18th at 7:49pm
    45 0

    Mike with his Banshee 850 #rcheli

  • benko

    February 15th at 10:45pm
    46 0

    What a great weather today. N7 is back in the air and flies better as ever before. #rcheli

  • benko

    February 14th at 9:43am
    46 0

    Guido's Logo 480 #rcheli

  • benko

    February 13th at 6:48pm
    26 0

    Installed new bigger clutch on my Synergy N7 #rcheli

  • benko

    February 11th at 7:32am
    43 0

    Working on N7 #rcheli

  • benko

    February 10th at 9:37am
    31 0

    Upside down, that's how they are supposed to be in the air #rcheli

  • benko

    February 9th at 7:40am
    36 0

    Goblin, so badass! Bang him around, he can take it. With a smile. In my face. #rcheli

  • benko

    February 8th at 11:00pm
    28 0

    Trouble maker #rcheli

  • benko

    February 7th at 1:03am
    43 1

    Thinking about the past weekend, two days out flying ... here my Banshee 850 at our field #rcheli


    13 days ago
    Awesome 👌
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