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Married to Hannah, father to Jacob. Studying theology @stmellitus training for ordination in the CofE. check out my podcast @shuffleppodcast

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    January 9th at 10:57am
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    @haneo1987 My beautiful and talented wife. Photo by @ejtalks

  • benwcook

    January 8th at 6:34pm
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    #Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Loved every minute!

  • benwcook

    January 7th at 10:14pm
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  • benwcook

    January 7th at 7:43pm
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    Heineken experience is great. #Amsterdam

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    January 7th at 5:43pm
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    December 31st at 9:32pm
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    #2016 Well 2016 was an unpredictable year to say the least and most would say that it would be good to see the back of it... but the Cooks had a great year! Full of holidays in Devon(inc Christmas), family get togethers, our 6th wedding anniversary, Jakes 2nd birthday, Jake learning to communicate, preaching at Transform festival, last year of ordination training started, exciting curacy news (coming soon), bought a house!.... OH and of course most importantly ALL THE BOARDGAMES!! Big love to all our friends and family for supporting us. Happy New Year!


    17 days ago
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  • benwcook

    December 28th at 5:46pm

    Stop it Devon

  • benwcook

    December 28th at 5:44pm

    Perfect end to a holiday


    25 days ago
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  • benwcook

    December 28th at 2:53pm
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    Time of his life!

  • benwcook

    December 27th at 6:06pm
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    View of Devon from our window. #CountryChristmas


    26 days ago
    I'd love to see Devon's view of you through that window...
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