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    February 14th at 2:02pm
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    Happy W u guys


    5 months ago
    I don't know if u ever check this out but I hope u do Brian. Sorry I didn't say goodbye, it's the best for both of us. I clearly saw a line between us ever since the boat trip. U called and I avoided. U wrote and I kept silence. U made new friends and I met new people. I don't know how to share your happiness and feelings anymore. U changed job and I didn't know until I found out myself, I sure u did talked about it with b, d, w, etc. I did not meant to blame, but if it is how it is, so be it. I think I needed u the most when I hit the low point of my life. I was lost and confused, I made wrong decision and needed someone be there for me. Unluckily u were with your new friends and engaged with bjmt. I have to admit I was envy, and felt left out and abandoned. But I m also glad u made new friends and I learned how to stand up again. Even though I collapsed from time to time but I survived. I don't know when we will encounter each other again, there is no time frame. U may think I was silly to let our friendship fade out, but it was fading anyway. We didn't put much effort to maintain it, so I must blame myself on one hand. We used to be very close when we were in New York, I missed u when u returned to queens. But things changed after u returned to hk( u cannot denied that) I still miss u, and bless u with good luck and a happy life, that's the very last thing I can do for u.


    5 years ago
    So many years later 😲😲😪
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