Michael Fierro @biffster

  • biffster

    March 5th at 4:17am
    15 1

    Father daughter dance 2017 #luckydad #lovemydaughters


    20 days ago
    Adorbs! All 3 of you! 😍😍😍
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  • biffster

    February 12th at 7:43pm

    Cold morning to sell Girl Scout cookies!


    1 month ago
    Cutie pies!
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  • biffster

    February 6th at 6:33pm

    The only way this could be cooler is I'd the loco are a B&N loco.


    2 months ago
    Should see the insides of em. They are awesome. One of their engines had the power of 2 of ours :)
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  • biffster

    January 9th at 2:02am
    8 0

    Two new models to add to the mini Colorado town I am modeling. #modeltrains

  • biffster

    December 31st at 3:00am
    8 0

    Santa loves me!

  • biffster

    December 28th at 11:11pm
    4 1

    Why yes, that IS a Dalek. Thanks, Mom, I love it!


    3 months ago
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  • biffster

    December 27th at 9:54pm
    4 0

    My wife gets me!

  • biffster

    December 27th at 9:39pm
    5 0

    Can't wait to add these to my layout. Thanks for the Christmas gift! #modeltrains

  • biffster

    December 27th at 9:31pm
    6 0

    My Christmas village with my B&N locomotive coming through. #modeltrains

  • biffster

    December 24th at 9:51pm
    14 0

    Apparently our Elf on the Shelf and Delanie's new Batgirl action figure bonded over coffee...

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