Brady Manning @bkmanning

  • bkmanning

    September 4th at 12:45am
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    Firing up the 400. She sounds great!

  • bkmanning

    February 25th at 7:41pm
    55 2

    TV stand I hand crafted a few weeks ago.


    7 months ago
    Lovely craftsmanship. Do you take commissions?


    11 months ago
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  • bkmanning

    November 13th at 6:17pm
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    Breakfast with my two buddies!


    1 year ago
    The cutest!!
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  • bkmanning

    October 8th at 7:51am
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    This is my friend Maggie. She loves people! I had the privilege of taking senior pictures of Maggie this weekend! It was a blast! She just returned from a few weeks in the Dominican Republic, loving on kids and serving a missions base there. Maggie takes care of my son once in a while and he adores her. She's loyal and passionate about Jesus. Maggie graduates this year from CAM and wants to be a missionary! My family's life is richer because we know Maggie! #bgstories #storyportrait #bgstoryportrait #seniorpictures #battlegroundwa


    3 years ago
    Thanks @bkmanning!! I can't wait to see the rest and thanks again for doing them! I love that I get to be a part of your family's life! :)
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  • bkmanning

    September 27th at 5:21am
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    An he's a Seahawks fan

  • bkmanning

    September 27th at 5:18am
    15 1

    He's my little smart baby.


    4 years ago
    Why the heck is he so big!?!
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  • bkmanning

    April 14th at 1:25am
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    It's a meatball kind of night

  • bkmanning

    January 28th at 7:27pm
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    Kaylyn was jealous of Liam's play mat

  • bkmanning

    December 16th at 6:39am
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    First sourdough loaf with my 4 week old starter

  • bkmanning

    December 14th at 3:44am
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    Love me some brisket!


    5 years ago
    Love how all your pictures are of food :p
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