Bosco Ho @boscoh

  • boscoh

    December 2nd at 3:54am
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    Love the detailing at the Melb Meat Market conf venue #decompress2016

  • boscoh

    September 10th at 6:09am
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    Wrap every carrot


    4 months ago
    @eddiethelionrrrar my nightmare
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  • boscoh

    September 10th at 1:48am
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    budget japanese breakfast

  • boscoh

    September 5th at 11:17am
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    conference food in japan

  • boscoh

    September 4th at 8:41am
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    I want to dream what he is dreaming.

  • boscoh

    September 4th at 4:19am
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    then rice bubbles.

  • boscoh

    September 4th at 4:18am
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    Green tea. red beans. mochi balls. #japan

  • boscoh

    August 13th at 7:46am
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    merri creek

  • boscoh

    July 18th at 9:11am
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    The Alfred hospital helipad down the road from my office

  • boscoh

    July 9th at 3:46am
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    thousands of melbourne teenage girls are lining up for something called "magcon". can someone enlighten me?


    6 months ago
    Lol!! Share when u r enlightened!
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