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#tobeapartner @starbucks. Previously Nike. Dad to @dailyaugusteli w/ @andrakarin. @Mariners & @Seahawks fan. Yogurt connoisseur.

  • bradn

    December 3rd at 10:11pm
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    I found Sasquatch. He's 2 feet tall and can't be stopped. 🐻


    3 hours ago
    ✌ ✌


    3 days ago
    Great caption!
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  • bradn

    December 2nd at 4:46am

    A big day today. Feels good to celebrate a very special leader.
    While walking up to today's partner open forum I had deju vu from 2008 when he returned as ceo. At the time, we didn't know what the open forum was about. I randomly said to my friend, after hiking 6 flights of stairs, "I bet Howard is coming back as CEO". He gave me a funny look like I was crazy.
    Most of my professional life has been under his leadership, from starting as a barista in 1998 to today. He's a one of a kind leader. Ubuntu. Onward.


    4 days ago
    For shiz


    5 days ago
    He's the man
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  • bradn

    November 21st at 12:07am

    🏃➡️☠️🔙🤘🤘 #nevernotrunning #nikeplus


    13 days ago
    Like your gallery.


    14 days ago
    I love this! If you have time, check out my page. I think you'd really like my posts, too! 👍
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  • bradn

    November 15th at 1:31am

    We weekend well.


    19 days ago
    YAAASSS 🖐🏻
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  • bradn

    November 13th at 12:50am
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    Views for days. #nevernotrunning #nikeplus

  • bradn

    November 12th at 4:47am

    No ... the answer is no I'm not ok. However, we'll fight and get through this together. Presidents are temporary. This president elect is especially incompetent, so he won't last long. But it's going to be hard. Also, RIP Leonard. #notmypresidentelect #ripleonardcohen


    24 days ago
    What a week.
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  • bradn

    November 11th at 7:03am
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    Late night 🏃 to clear the head.

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  • bradn

    November 10th at 6:45pm

    I took this photo after walking out of Hooverville on Tuesday thinking we were still going to win. It's now time to go to work. It's time to find every angle we can to oppose the next administration. To oppose the hate that is likely to come. To oppose the inequality and risks to immigrants and minorities. This administrations' hate cannot be normalized. Remember - we have a majority in this country. DJT received the second most votes in popular vote. There is no mandate.

  • bradn

    November 6th at 9:38pm

    The kids playing lacrosse were probably thinking, "it's funny how that old guy running the track thinks he can do a track workout." #nikeplus #nevernotrunning


    29 days ago
    Nice IG profile!


    30 days ago
    Awesome! 😃
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  • bradn

    November 1st at 2:36am

    A bee and his keeper (bee keepers don't smile). A bee and a flower. 👻 🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2016 👻 🎃

    1 month ago


    1 month ago
    Loving it 😄
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