Mason Herring @brickfish

Sometimes I photograph stuff. Sometimes I post them here.

  • brickfish

    August 11th at 9:59pm
    80 2

    Took my wife to the range today. Her first time shooting my #Glock19


    2 months ago
    Fascinating one


    2 years ago
    My life won't be the same after seeing this!
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  • brickfish

    June 15th at 6:46pm
    13 0

    Early father's day present from my family.

  • brickfish

    April 1st at 11:09pm
    7 1

    On our way to the #FlashBusTour in Atlanta


    6 years ago
    Hey! That's me!
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  • brickfish

    March 13th at 2:20am
    2 0

    I promised Conner a milkshake today for helping me.

  • brickfish

    October 20th at 12:17am
    5 1

    Say cheese.


    2 years ago
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  • brickfish

    October 19th at 10:45pm
    5 0

    Morning drive