• bross

    July 7th at 10:04pm

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    7 months ago
    Cool if you change your username so I can have it?


    2 years ago
    Can I have this usernames please?


    2 years ago
    Still here. I don't know of anything but have him reach out to me. He could drive for Uber and Lift averages $15 hr $25 weekend nights. If he does let me know I'll get like $500 and I'll give him half. Driving up to the cape today be back in a couple weeks.


    2 years ago
    Hey @bross you still Livin in Austin?. My lil bro @duncles12 is there now lookin for a job doing anything. And advice? Connections? Hope all is well.
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  • bross

    January 1st at 6:23am
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    Happy 2011


    25 days ago


    3 years ago
    Like me please


    4 years ago
    @bross if you could change your username cuz you don't look like you use Instagram anymore, that would be super chill


    4 years ago
    @bross hey Bob, my name is Ben. I was wondering if you would be willing to give me your Instagram handle. It would be greatly appreciated!
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  • bross

    January 1st at 2:56am
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