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Photographer and boss of an online photography store, Poisonous.

  • bythewei

    August 5th at 6:45am
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    Had a great time in #Seoul last week. Looking forward to visiting again (maybe next year).

  • bythewei

    July 18th at 6:38am
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    The mandatory #prisma photo because it is now the in-thing to do for hipsters. #fakehipster


    8 months ago
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  • bythewei

    June 28th at 10:04am
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    Back at Westlake, Hangzhou after four years. #latergram


    9 months ago
    These are the beautiful things in life...
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  • bythewei

    November 15th at 2:08am
    54 0

    At a famous bar in Buenos Aires called Bar Sur. The place was featured in Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together featuring Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung. #tango #buenosaires

  • bythewei

    November 9th at 2:08am
    25 0

    Got a street artist at Buenos Aires to create this fileteado art piece for the studio. Now to figure out where to display it... #buenosaires #fileteado

  • bythewei

    October 13th at 11:50am
    17 1

    Sexy legs, shameless promotion of my 2016 event. #tango


    9 months ago
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  • bythewei

    October 7th at 3:21pm
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  • bythewei

    September 20th at 1:17pm
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    Poor sleeping posture.

  • bythewei

    September 11th at 6:37am
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    Technically the cat is old enough to vote too!

  • bythewei

    September 10th at 5:18am
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    2 years ago


    2 years ago
    far east square?
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