Math geek with no social life

  • cab1729

    October 22nd at 1:52am

    Now all I need is the coconut

  • cab1729

    October 17th at 8:13pm
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    Found it in the bargain bin. You can't read this book too many times.

  • cab1729

    October 6th at 3:29am
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    This looks like a good sign


    10 days ago
    spectacular pic!
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  • cab1729

    September 10th at 1:30pm
    11 1


    19 days ago
    Help fund my research (link in profile)
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  • cab1729

    May 28th at 9:26pm
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    80 years ago today, Alan Turing proposed the Universal Machine and created computer science.

  • cab1729

    March 14th at 5:26am
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    Ready for #PiDay and St. Patrick's


    6 months ago
    Best one so far! ⭐
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  • cab1729

    January 17th at 12:04am
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    Getting my hydration on


    9 months ago
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  • cab1729

    July 29th at 6:34pm
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    In my PowerPoint class we were asked to draw a flowchart of our personal formula for success.

  • cab1729

    June 15th at 1:03pm
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    Good morning.

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