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    October 27th at 2:59pm
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    My friends daughter wanted be jiggly puff for Halloween and so they have been working on a custom fitted costume for her since early October. This goes over her head and covers her from her head to her upper thighs. There are two holes at the bottom for her hands to stick out. The eyes are see through and she has a portable fan she will wear around her neck to keep cool. It's made out of papier-mâché and it's very durable because it's made out of many layers. How cool is this costume? #pokemon #halloween #makeartnotwar


    18 hours ago
    Holy moly! Wow that's some serious talent right there! Great job! @cad


    19 hours ago
    I love me some jiggly puff
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  • cad

    October 26th at 1:59am

    "Pink and orange and blue and white
    I remember what the sky looked like
    I remember how your face looked too
    That was perfection"
    Even born again - Sarah Jaffe

  • cad

    October 24th at 3:16am
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    Checo's al about that Taylor Swift expierience. Lol #statefairoftexas #latergram #texasstatefair

  • cad

    October 24th at 3:10am
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    Love my bro!

  • cad

    October 24th at 3:10am
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    Mexican nachos...#statefairoftexas #latergram #texasstatefair #dfwfood

  • cad

    October 24th at 3:08am
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    Champagne Gravy Baby! Lol 😂😂 #latergram #texasstatefair #statefairoftexas #lobster

  • cad

    October 24th at 3:01am

    Sunday Funday included a stop at Local Press + Brew

  • cad

    October 24th at 2:59am

    Local Press + Brew #dfw #dfwfood

  • cad

    October 23rd at 10:08pm

    Ahi Poke Bowl. Marlin, double salmon, masago, avocado, seaweed salad and crab meat. So good. #dfwfood

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