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    January 4th at 1:07am
    20 1

    One of my pieces waiting to be hung.


    15 days ago
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  • campsteve

    January 1st at 3:55am
    8 0

    Driving into the sun yesterday a few hours before we hit the snowstorm.

  • campsteve

    December 30th at 9:03pm
    6 0

    It kills me how cute they are together! They are so well mannered in the car.

  • campsteve

    December 30th at 8:27pm
    4 1

    You wouldn't think we're heading for a snowstorm in Colorado. Not a cloud in Kansas.


    6 years ago
    It's also 70 degrees outside.
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  • campsteve

    December 30th at 3:47am
    7 1

    The dogs sleep in the back seat during the road trip.


    10 days ago
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  • campsteve

    December 28th at 5:57am
    8 1

    The poodle. She dreams.


    8 months ago
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  • campsteve

    December 26th at 8:12pm
    1 0

    Nap time in front of the fireplace.

  • campsteve

    December 25th at 8:53pm
    0 0

    Our Christmas turkey was deep fried. #southernstyle

  • campsteve

    December 25th at 7:10pm
    3 0

    Merry Christmas from the Silken Reinwindhound.

  • campsteve

    December 24th at 6:45pm
    2 0

    We had the family Christmas celebration last night.

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