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No rock left unturned

  • catherinec

    January 17th at 5:02am
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    #birthday sparklers

  • catherinec

    January 17th at 12:14am
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    Celebrating our two amazing Niece's birthday today!! 🎈🎂❤️🎉

  • catherinec

    January 14th at 11:13pm
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    Some days are harder than others. Today was hard. How blessed I am to have known such a beautiful soul. My heart hurts but I know I'll see you again. Love you @margueritereavis


    6 days ago
    Sorry for your loss💗


    7 days ago
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  • catherinec

    January 7th at 10:53pm
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    Today is a sad day. My beautiful mother-in-law went home to be with our Lord. As I sat in her living room this morning alone with my thoughts and sadness, anger started to creep in. I happened to look down at the coffee table and saw this coaster screaming at me. This is what my flesh needed to hear this morning. A reminder that we don't have control and He makes the plans. His plans are grand and perfect. So while we will mourn today we can also know she is rejoicing and we will see her again. @margueritereavis ❤️


    14 days ago
    @a95taredsled thank you bubba. Love y'all


    14 days ago
    So sorry to hear Cat. We are thinking of yall in our prayers. Love you guys.
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  • catherinec

    January 1st at 4:44am
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    Happy #newyear #2017 From my couch to yours or whatever you're doing tonight. #love #peace #happiness to you and yours this year 😘 🍻#besafe I want to see your face in 2017

  • catherinec

    December 29th at 2:48am
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  • catherinec

    December 28th at 3:17am
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    My childhood dream came true last night. I've always wanted to see the #nutcracker and my husband gave me this for #Christmas Although he is still in extreme pain he toughed it out just to see me smile. #thankful #mouseking #ballet #moscowballet #memories


    22 days ago
    Great dress! Work it girl!


    24 days ago
    He loves you!!!!


    25 days ago
    True love ❤️


    25 days ago
    That's on my bucket list too! That and the Rockettes Christmas Show. Have fun and Merry Christmas!
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  • catherinec

    December 26th at 2:29am
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    The calm after the celebration #wine @torredipietra #christmas #home #airconditioner because #texas

  • catherinec

    December 25th at 10:54pm
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    Our first #christmas as Mr and Mrs. We are so blessed and thankful for all God is doing in our lives. We are ready for our #carnivalcruise in April #christmas2016


    27 days ago
    Didn't know you were into bong masks
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  • catherinec

    December 17th at 5:42am
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    Thankful God has allowed us to spend more time together. Today was incredibly hard, but my God is bigger than the events that happened. Jeff walked away with a fractured bone in his neck and a fractured clavicle. Wounds that will heal in 6 to 8 weeks. This could ave been so much worse. Please pray for us as we embark on the healing process and sorting out the insurance side of this.


    1 month ago
    Saying lots of prayers.


    1 month ago
    Praying for a speedy recovery


    1 month ago
    Sending prayers your way. Life is so precious. You will be stronger through this. #prayerswork


    1 month ago
    Oh my gosh! Glad he will heal!


    1 month ago
    Praying sister


    1 month ago
    Thank God he's alright. Praying for the healing process.


    1 month ago
    Oh my gosh, how terrifying! Glad he's relatively ok!


    1 month ago


    1 month ago
    So scary! I'm so glad he's ok. The rest will work itself out.


    1 month ago
    Praying for you both! Hugs!
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