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Purpose is not found in the stars above nor soil below, but in pursuing Christ and humbly serving those who have need.

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    March 18th at 10:40pm

    Westward view of North Star Peak above Hoosier Pass

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    March 15th at 4:15am
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    Upper Clear Creek Canyon

  • cathos

    January 15th at 4:02am
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    Skiing the west side of Loveland pass today
    @amandsandlin Join us sometime.

  • cathos

    January 14th at 1:05am
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    Baldy through binoculars

  • cathos

    January 13th at 8:54pm
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    Full moon this morning over Democrat, Lincoln, and North Star, with Bross behind the tree on the left.

  • cathos

    January 13th at 5:11pm
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    full moon rising over Quandary this morning

  • cathos

    October 19th at 3:07pm
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    Morning commute. Hoosier Pass, CO.

  • cathos

    October 11th at 4:57pm
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    First time, last page. James 5 - Blessed are those who remain steadfast. Righteous are they who confess their sins to one another and pray for one another and praise the Lord. Powerful are the prayers of those who are righteous. So, the Lord is faithful.


    2 months ago
    Looks great! What handwriting script do you use?
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  • cathos

    October 3rd at 5:31pm
  • cathos

    October 2nd at 6:58am
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    Rocky Mountain Juniper

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