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  • celfyddwr

    November 6th at 12:40am

    What says "Happy Holidays" like a giant inflatable septopus?

  • celfyddwr

    September 25th at 7:19pm
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  • celfyddwr

    September 10th at 7:27pm

    My second to last end at the archery discovery class. I'm really happy with my progress. Stephen and Perry were awesome instructors. #llbeanadventure


    3 months ago
    You've got a lot of good photos here.
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  • celfyddwr

    June 7th at 2:51pm
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    10 years together; two years married. 👬❤️

  • celfyddwr

    April 28th at 2:56am
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    Replanted my new jade plant over the weekend. Hope I didn't drown it in the process. #latergram


    7 months ago
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  • celfyddwr

    March 18th at 12:34pm
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    Like any cat, Noodle likes to pick the most awkward locations to loaf. #latergram


    8 months ago
    Awesome 👌
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  • celfyddwr

    February 14th at 4:35am
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    These are so bright. They're like Play-Doh colors.

  • celfyddwr

    January 2nd at 5:10pm
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    These are incredible! #forestbeargiveaway #mountaingiveaway

  • celfyddwr

    November 14th at 10:35pm
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    Found some awesome Mixels Lego sets at Target.


    12 months ago
    I don't have to make the rest of us feel bad
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  • celfyddwr

    November 1st at 10:24pm
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    These two love each other so much.

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