Christopher Ellison @cellison

  • cellison

    December 2nd at 4:45pm
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    Out for a walk with Sophie


    3 months ago
    Awww....great pic Houbie!
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  • cellison

    November 24th at 6:49pm
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    Drove 2 hours yesterday to see Loscil (Scott Morgan) in Kingston Ontario. Brother Scott drove even further. Fantastic show. Had a chance to chat with him afterwards. What a great evening!


    3 months ago
    Which is the second keyboard he uses??


    3 months ago
    @kayrayhay6 He's a very nice humble guy. Typical Canadian! :)


    3 months ago
    Wow that must have been a trill to chat with him
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  • cellison

    August 5th at 12:39am
    24 1



    4 months ago
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  • cellison

    July 28th at 3:13pm
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    Still sounding good after all these years.

  • cellison

    April 2nd at 9:28pm
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    Come on @timhortons, you should have come up with a solution for this by now!


    11 months ago
    This is an outrage
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  • cellison

    February 22nd at 9:06pm
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    In the waiting room. #chordelectronics #mojo

  • cellison

    February 2nd at 4:27pm
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    Substrata by Biosphere. Highly recommended. #biosphere #ambient


    1 year ago
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  • cellison

    January 22nd at 3:52am
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    Now playing

  • cellison

    January 11th at 1:22pm
    2 0
  • cellison

    December 30th at 9:09pm

    I think I have a problem.

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