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  • chernickov

    October 19th at 8:50am
    32 0

    Electric Glaze

  • chernickov

    September 13th at 8:35am
    21 1

    Place your bets


    1 month ago
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  • chernickov

    June 4th at 2:33am
    35 1


    3 months ago
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  • chernickov

    June 1st at 8:55pm
    23 2

    Today on News Beat we have special guest Alexander Marquise (@86am) soliciting the best of advice for improving your health, finances, and how to avoid scams!

    Tune in at and call in at 626-536-0021 to ask questions or give your own advice.


    5 months ago
    Whoops. It was 12-1 ._.


    5 months ago
    What time?
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  • chernickov

    May 9th at 1:23am
    35 0

    Looking Up 006

  • chernickov

    March 13th at 9:55pm
    25 0

    Looking Up 005

  • chernickov

    March 1st at 9:50pm
    27 0

    Wayside LA

  • chernickov

    February 24th at 8:27pm
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    Today at noon on @kchungradio we look into the current situation between the FBI and Apple regarding the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone 5C and what it could mean for the future of software security.

    Featuring music by @heartsrevolution, a classic Free The Robots DJ set and Santigold.

  • chernickov

    February 20th at 10:08pm
    14 0

    Patterns 001 (Wayside LA)

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