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We dance to the beat of source code and conjuring. Detroit, cats, makeup, and weed. 🦄🎀💕👑🎈

  • citizenannie

    February 21st at 6:31am
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    Makeup app or Mirror of Erised? ✨🦄✨

  • citizenannie

    February 20th at 12:58am
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    This is thirty pages, heavy on illustrations, and still counts as a book in my Goodreads challenge. When life gives you kidney stones, catch up on comics and graphic novels. ✨📚✨

  • citizenannie

    February 18th at 1:25am
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    The Snapchat filter broke and now I'm a Pac-Man ghost. Pinky in particular. I've always felt like more of a Blinky tho.


    4 days ago
    This is so cool 👌🏻
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  • citizenannie

    February 17th at 8:19pm
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    (I'm a driver, I'm a winner, things are gonna change I can feel it.)

  • citizenannie

    February 15th at 10:04pm
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    Mermaid scales.

  • citizenannie

    February 15th at 5:12am
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    Snapchat finally made a filter that makes me look how I feel in my head right before I'm about to verbally eviscerate someone. ✨🐰✨

  • citizenannie

    February 13th at 9:26pm
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    It takes hospital grade medication to make me look as happy as this plump fellow looks when he gets to sit on my lap.

  • citizenannie

    February 13th at 8:46pm
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    #sugarpill Strange Love lipstick and Catmosphere nails polish.

  • citizenannie

    February 10th at 4:08am
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    thc molecule #mmmp

  • citizenannie

    February 9th at 8:30pm
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    "Ronald Reagan was such a great president!" Show me on the White House astrologer's memoir where the rich white men fooled you into thinking they were good at their jobs.

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