Claudya Barrientos Hernandez @claudyabh

  • claudyabh

    December 21st at 11:33am

    Amsterdam Central Station #amsterdam #longlayover

  • claudyabh

    December 16th at 8:38am

    Pathfinders viewing the night program and preaching at the 2016 East Kenya Union Pathfinder Camporee. #EKUC #ReachTheWorld #Pathfinders #ThatsTheMoon

  • claudyabh

    October 1st at 1:40am
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    Today is my very best cousin's birthday!! Vanessa (Carol) and I have grown up together and were inseparable when we were little. But today she is crossing into a milestone age and I want to thank God for giving me a best friend and a best cousin. I love you and hope you continue to have an amazing birthday, just like you.

  • claudyabh

    June 27th at 6:59pm


    7 months ago
    Hi claudy i was in the camp where youre husbend was and god bles you
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  • claudyabh

    June 26th at 3:28pm



    8 months ago
    This is beautiful!
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  • claudyabh

    June 11th at 1:40am
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    Finalizing last minute details for the 2016 Youth Olympics this Sunday. ****
    Finalizando los últimos detalles para los Juegos Olímpicos 2016 para este domingo.
    #Cantwait #PCSDAYouth #youtholympics16

  • claudyabh

    May 9th at 4:01am
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    Can't let this day go by without saying Happy Mother's Day to my big sister, Ivette (Caro). Isa, Niko, and Mia are so lucky and blessed to have you as their mom. I continue to look up to you! Love you.


    10 months ago
    Thank you @claudyabh!! Thank you for being an awesome aunt!
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  • claudyabh

    May 8th at 11:41pm
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    Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing woman I have ever met. She is the most loving, patient, self-sacrificing Mother and Grandmother! I pray I can be half the woman you are one day. Love you!
    Feliz Dia de las Madres a la mujer mas maravilloso que he conocido. Ella es la mas amoroza, paciente, sacrificada Madre y Abuela! Oro para poder ser la mitad de la mujer que tu eres un día. Te quiero mucho!

  • claudyabh

    April 29th at 2:30am

    The benefits of camping!
    Los beneficios de acampar!
    #lovemarshmallos #notallforme #PCSDAYouth #Camporee

  • claudyabh

    April 3rd at 5:14am

    Enjoyed a great night with the Princesses of Woodbridge Spanish SDA Church. Had the opportunuty to give a talk during their Princess Program/Sleepover!

    Disfrute una linda noche con las Princesas de la Iglesia Adventista Hispana de Woodbridge. Tuve la oportunidad de dar una charla durante el programa de las Princesas/Pijamada.

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