Mark Richards @clemudelt

Mr. Basketball @ Turner Sports Digital. Husband. Co-founder of 2 boys. Diehard Clemson Tiger & Chicago Cubs fan.

  • clemudelt

    September 25th at 7:35pm
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    My Cub Scout is ready for his first den meeting

  • clemudelt

    June 12th at 12:10am
    51 2

    Family fun at Turner Field. #gocubsgo


    4 months ago
    Ugh so fun !!! @cassiegel
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  • clemudelt

    May 27th at 2:19am
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  • clemudelt

    April 25th at 4:22am
    23 2

    The biggest bowl of guac EVER! (@mrssarahfoo used for perspective)


    6 months ago
    Guac can never be TOO BIG!!!!!!! 😍


    6 months ago
    Holy guacamole!
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  • clemudelt

    February 14th at 1:03am

    My little Valentine is turning 3!

  • clemudelt

    January 16th at 7:33pm
    13 0

    Possibly the coolest Star Wars branded item we received this holiday season.

  • clemudelt

    January 12th at 2:04am
    17 0

    Let's do this! Go Tigers! #allin

  • clemudelt

    January 11th at 8:37pm
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  • clemudelt

    December 28th at 1:52am
    23 0

    Just your typical backyard fire in the middle of winter made by a guy in shorts and a t-shirt.

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