Chris Mayer @costanza

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    October 20th at 11:18pm
    8 0


  • costanza

    October 18th at 11:11am
    16 0

    Oh, if I must.

  • costanza

    October 17th at 10:24pm
    6 0

    20 years ago today I was setting off on the journey that this would be the return flight for.

  • costanza

    October 11th at 10:57am
    12 1

    Australia v Japan!!


    10 days ago
    I forgot this was happening! Awesome!
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  • costanza

    October 8th at 9:54am
    14 1

    Home made Banh Mi was the business!


    13 days ago
    Extra pork and chilli please
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  • costanza

    October 2nd at 5:12am
    11 0

    Left over brisket? Time for some chilli.

  • costanza

    September 30th at 5:09am
    12 0

    Personal size spicy fish at Highpoint. #dainty #sichuan

  • costanza

    September 30th at 4:46am
    9 1

    It's everywhere.


    21 days ago
    I'm in the city and it's everywhere!!
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  • costanza

    September 28th at 4:48am
    6 0

    Restaurant Dansk lunch after two sandwiches quickly whisked away.

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