Craig McCasland @craigmactv

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    January 8th at 4:37am
    43 0


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    December 22nd at 5:06am

    Late dinner

  • craigmactv

    November 18th at 12:05am

    Feeding time

  • craigmactv

    May 9th at 12:41am
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    The only way I could be geekier is if my subscription to Rotor Drone Magazine came direct to my iPad instead of the mail!

  • craigmactv

    March 18th at 3:24pm
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    Looking like a good beard day!


    1 year ago
    Dude! I am loving the beard! Looks like this is from a while back but it's good to see you anyway.
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  • craigmactv

    March 12th at 8:27pm
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    Mid century modern

  • craigmactv

    February 4th at 12:00am
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    Staying warm

  • craigmactv

    September 22nd at 2:15am
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    Salt stalking pepper

  • craigmactv

    May 26th at 7:10pm
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    Delayed in Houston

  • craigmactv

    May 3rd at 10:18pm
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    Century tree, Texas A&M campus

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