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    December 18th at 1:21pm

    Winter walks with my family. Much love!

  • cssgareth

    December 9th at 3:16pm

    The love of my life and best friend for 13 years (so far!) turns 30 today. Love this lady!

  • cssgareth

    November 8th at 12:21pm
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    Second fastest round brands hatch in a single-seater. Amazing.

  • cssgareth

    November 6th at 8:58pm
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    Made some salted chilli toffee earlier. Was very yum!

  • cssgareth

    November 4th at 7:41pm
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    Thousands of people in the U.K. are caught out daily by financial and pension scams as a result of cold calling. Let's stop this now.


    2 months ago
    They can try @martinbamford !


    2 months ago
    It's a plague and it sucks!


    2 months ago
    I hope you've locked the site down securely because I reckon the scammers are going to throw everything they can at it to take it offline!
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  • cssgareth

    October 31st at 5:39pm
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    Smiley happy car. #vroom

  • cssgareth

    October 30th at 4:54pm

    Awesome time at the woods earlier :-)

  • cssgareth

    October 26th at 9:04pm
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    Made no-egg brownies because I fancied brownie and didn't have any eggs. Of course. :-)

  • cssgareth

    October 13th at 9:18am

    Today's coffee brewing method is.... the aeropress!

  • cssgareth

    October 8th at 2:57pm

    How beautiful.

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