Curt Moss @curtmoss

University of Illinois grad, band geek, dad, basketball and soccer coach.

  • curtmoss

    April 24th at 1:49am
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    Bone-in chicken breasts, venison brats with grilled onions and pulled pork, fried onion and cheese-stuffed mushrooms. Now I'M stuffed!!

  • curtmoss

    February 14th at 10:25pm
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    My wife knows me so well. She got me the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. 😍


    3 months ago
    That's the gift that keeps on giving. At least for a weekend, or so.
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  • curtmoss

    November 28th at 1:57am
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    I love all the heirloom and sentimental ornaments we have for our tree. We always share great memories as we trim the tree together.

  • curtmoss

    November 26th at 6:10pm
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    Honey brined, hickory smoked, spatchcocked 20 pound turkey for our 2nd Thanksgiving today. Gobble, gobble!!

  • curtmoss

    October 9th at 12:37am
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    #illini Great day for a football game! Back in the land of orange. 😀

  • curtmoss

    August 25th at 7:55pm
    13 1

    Grilling terms that sound dirty but aren't: "I spatchcocked a bird on my Akorn last night." 😀 #kamadorocks


    9 months ago
    I spatchcocked my Thanksgiving turkey last year. It turned out so amazing! And yours looks absolutely delicious, too!! There needs to be more spatchcocking in the world. Lol 😁😁😂😂
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  • curtmoss

    May 15th at 8:57pm

    Barely a cloud in the sky. #arch #stlouis #bandtrip

  • curtmoss

    December 26th at 3:14pm
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    Enjoying my morning coffee from my new mug. Of course, I like my coffee Dark.

  • curtmoss

    September 28th at 9:29pm

    Yep. Back in Vegas. Where you get two choices heading into the terminal.


    2 years ago
    Get some liquor before you pickup the bags!


    2 years ago
    To The Summit!
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  • curtmoss

    September 20th at 1:50am
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    Good times at the Fever playoff game. #fevergamenight

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