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  • dajw

    May 21st at 9:00pm

    Aaaaaaaaaaa! Choir of angels! It's the glowing heavenly beer illuminated by a shaft of sunlight.

  • dajw

    May 21st at 8:41pm

    The dry fit of a solid oak window sill. I added a 15 degree bevel to the front edge, and also to the apron. The gaps will vanish when I glue and clamp it for final assembly. Quite pleased with it. Will wait for the flooring to arrive before deciding on final colour and finish.

  • dajw

    May 21st at 2:47pm

    Not seen one of these in a while!

  • dajw

    May 21st at 1:27pm

    Level up: Number 7 jointer plane acquired. Now I'm going to flatten those boards.

  • dajw

    May 21st at 1:23pm

    Sunday coffee


    1 day ago
    Cafe worthy pouring there mister!
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  • dajw

    May 20th at 8:46pm

    This oak is tough stuff!

  • dajw

    May 20th at 6:52pm

    I got these two 35mm thick rough sawn oak boards from the local sawmill . They were the straightest and flattest ones there. I intended to use a single board for a windowsill, but it's not quite deep enough. Now I am biscuit joining them. It's times like these I quite fancy owing a planer/thicknesser machine because getting them flat is a lot of effort with a hand plane.


    2 days ago
    "Quite fancy a planer-thicknesser" = probably got one on click and collect at Axminster for tomorrow ;)
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  • dajw

    May 19th at 8:32pm

    There was a household beer shortage. Not any more!

  • dajw

    May 19th at 8:26pm

    It's been a while — I'd usually have paid a visit to Hop Art, sadly missed.

  • dajw

    May 18th at 10:37pm
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    This is a bit wonderful! Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen - Oude Gueuze. It's refreshing, sour and has a nice sparkle to it. I really didn't like gueuze when I first tried it about 12 years ago, but it's something I really love now. Funny how tastes change.

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