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Designer and front-end developer at Automattic/WordPress.com, husband, father, homebrewer. These are my photo things. Taken with iPhone.

  • danhauk

    January 20th at 11:42pm
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    In the clouds

  • danhauk

    January 16th at 4:30pm
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    How to tell when a man has a daughter. #dadlife


    6 days ago
    Hahaha! Such a good dad.


    7 days ago
    My toes are currently green #dadlife


    7 days ago
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  • danhauk

    January 15th at 7:53pm
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    The lonely foggy morning

  • danhauk

    January 13th at 1:31pm
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    As I get older I find snow isn't as exciting anymore. Now that it's a lot more work and often messes with plans it's just not fun. Then I see the pure joy the kids have playing in it and I forget all that. Thank you for reminding me.


    10 days ago
    So true!! 😘💕
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  • danhauk

    January 6th at 5:10pm
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    First real snow of the season.

  • danhauk

    January 2nd at 7:52pm
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    20 days ago
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  • danhauk

    December 13th at 5:53am
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    Christmas tree hunting

  • danhauk

    December 3rd at 11:47pm
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    2 months ago
    He has it in Hebrew too: http://www.imj.org.il/images/news/may_08/Ahava-(LOVE)-by-Robert-Indi.jpg
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  • danhauk

    December 2nd at 1:35pm
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    Hey there, Philly. You look good this morning.

  • danhauk

    November 28th at 3:26am
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    "The time will come when people will travel in stages moved by steam engines, from city to city, almost as fast as birds fly — fifteen or twenty miles an hour. Passing through the air with such velocity, changing the scene in such rapid succession, will be the most exhilarating exercise." - Oliver Evans, 1804


    2 months ago
    love the quote!
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