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Guitarist, Front-end & Wordpress Developer, Dad, Runner, Camper.

  • danielvanc

    February 24th at 1:25am

    Obligatory photo

  • danielvanc

    February 21st at 2:17am

    #Bobcat #selfie!

  • danielvanc

    December 28th at 10:58am

    Went for a wee Boxing Day swim. Nothing like a bit of northerly wind to warm things up too!

  • danielvanc

    December 22nd at 9:56pm
    20 0

    10/10 for effort.

  • danielvanc

    December 10th at 4:19pm

    Good fun yesterday playing a short gig in front of 100+ made up with a mashup of songs with a colleague (left) and myself (right) as part of works do at the Trinity Theatre, Cowes. Theme: Birth


    1 month ago
    Brilliant! Best one so far!


    3 months ago
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  • danielvanc

    December 7th at 6:38pm
    9 0

    Not long finished rehearsals at Trinity Theatre, Cowes for a short gig am playing in as part of works Xmas do on Friday. Can't wait! 😎

  • danielvanc

    December 1st at 9:27am
    6 0

    I'd grow to like Winter if it were like this everyday.

  • danielvanc

    November 20th at 9:30pm

    Yeah. Could get used to this 😎


    2 months ago


    3 months ago
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  • danielvanc

    October 30th at 1:49pm
    10 0

    Better half and I waiting at the start line for a Halloween spooky forest fun run. 👻

  • danielvanc

    October 17th at 9:05am
    9 1

    2nd place both races and fastest average lap time in both races. Go-karting at TeamSport, Gosport. SUCH good fun!


    4 months ago
    Am working in gosport today!
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