Daniel Waun @danielwaun

Lansing, MI

  • danielwaun

    October 17th at 2:15am
    21 3

    Hangin' with my nephew, Otis.


    21 hours ago
    You're invited to one of our events! โ˜บ


    5 days ago
    Your content is definitely on point :)


    8 days ago
    Definitely awesome
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  • danielwaun

    October 10th at 1:49am
    7 1



    16 days ago
    :) @Thealmondeyes_รฟรพ=ร˜
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  • danielwaun

    October 9th at 9:10pm
    10 0

    @smocksa made this wonderful scrapbook to chronicle our first year together. As it says, "Grateful. Thankful. So very blessed." Indeed I am.

  • danielwaun

    October 4th at 10:19pm
    8 0

    Strong dog.

  • danielwaun

    October 4th at 6:13pm
    3 0

    Listening to Franklin Graham at the Capitol.

  • danielwaun

    September 23rd at 4:29am
    3 0
  • danielwaun

    September 22nd at 5:27pm


  • danielwaun

    September 21st at 1:52pm
    2 0
  • danielwaun

    September 15th at 11:22pm
    7 1

    I'm liking this new song. ๐ŸŽถ Not a single day goes by where you don't cross my mind ๐ŸŽถ


    1 month ago
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