I'm incredibly excited to share this interview I filmed with @saturday for Freelance.TV where he talks about his life as a freelancer, how he got started, how he charges, and much more on freelancing. Watch the interview at freelance.tv/mackeysaturday (link in description) For the few of you that don't know, Mackey created the logo for Instagram, Oculus, Luxe, and many more. Check it out the interview and subscribe on youtube.com/dannpetty for more to come! Thank you Mackey for the time and allowing me into your home. Incredible human.

This is sick Dann. I binge watched all your episodes last night and I'm super impressed. Top notch stuff right there.
Woahhhh super rad
Site looks great. Who built it?
So rad! Can't wait to check it all out!
Great stuff Dann!! Woke up this morning watched the episodes and then obviously had to put on my Epic T! 🤙 Can't wait for the full documentary to be released!
So awesome! Congrats. Keep it coming!
Dang. This looks so sick 👍👍👍
Well done @dannpetty these videos were great. Looking forward to more 👍🏻
Legit 👏👏
@saturday you did the Oculus logo?! Rad. The old one was so lame. It was one of my Pictos icons lol! For real. They just used an icon from my set 😂
@drew.vc Thanks! Ha! that's an amazing story!
@drew.vc @saturday hahahahahha!!! Amazing.
Watched /// dope
Video overlay is sweet! Nice work